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Dorothy96 wrote on Apr 19, 2011:This is my home :) i can download these pictures?

danpop wrote on Jul 31, 2009:I've been there once, when I was a tiny child, maybe in 2nd or 3rd grade or something. I remember that the teacher also took us to see a glass factory nearby. We were so impressed by the whole manufacturing process.

erato wrote on May 21, 2009::D Yeah, the nature is the same all over the world. However I would be glad to see a gallery with some Swedish landscapes and a gallery about Stockholm too! About the kids, they enjoyed very well and they were lovely of course but so naughty and so many (about 40) ... It was fine but also tiresome. :) Cheers

erato wrote on May 18, 2009:Sorry for the misunderstanding, this place is the Romanian Black Forest, a village in Bihar County and not the German one. :) BTW. it was a school trip with some 40 children - none of them are mine. :P

Wazling wrote on May 18, 2009:Where in the black forrest was it? Btw, didnt know, that you have so much children! ;)

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