Suncuius (Sonkolyos)

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by stef 

(about Suncuius, Romania, added on Apr 27, 2009)

Climbing, bungee jumping


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cipristb wrote on Apr 27, 2009:Zoli take it easy, I missed this trip too, so maybe next time we will take part to it ... sorry guys

stef wrote on Apr 27, 2009:Thanks for Marius, who made the trip possible.

Wazling wrote on Apr 27, 2009:Nice pictures, but for some you have to turn around your head too much! :)

MadSuh wrote on Apr 27, 2009:nice pics, but you should really turn them

zdanko wrote on Apr 27, 2009:Great pics, I see you enjoyed yourselves very much! I'm sad we missed it... maybe next time :)

marius_f wrote on Apr 27, 2009:Hope you enjoy it, for me was a very nice day with friends :)

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