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zlori wrote on May 21, 2009:Hey Stef, what 'Takso Muecke' means? Regards again, megadeth143!

erato wrote on May 18, 2009:You are right; Scandinavians are famous for being very opened and helpful people. The story of the Vasa is quite funny; King Gustavus Adolphus must have been a very nice man, if his subordinates were so afraid of him. :D

megadeth143 wrote on May 17, 2009:Thanks again for the compliments. I have recently taken up photography, I really enjoy it and seem to have a good eye for it. Lidia- the Vasa is a HUGE warship that was built in 1628. It sank on its maiden voyage. It was rushed into production by the King Gustavus Adolphus and his subordinates were too afraid to tell the king it was top heavy. A gust of wind hit it and it flopped back and forth and sank. As I have stated before, we really loved Sweden and Stockholm. Everyone we have met in any Scandinavian country speaks English and are very polite and helpful.

erato wrote on May 17, 2009:Sorry for my incompetence, but what Vasa is? Looks like a boat.. Btw. I really enjoyed the gallery, (beside what I already heared and read about Sweeden) it made me start looking for discount airfares to Stockholm for this summer. :P Thanks!

zlori wrote on May 17, 2009:Hey, Amazing pictures! The city looks beautiful with its old buildings. Obviously the museums and churches worth visiting, thanks a lot for sharing it! :) Those overview pictures about Stockholm (near the Nordic Museum) remind me of Erato's gallery about Berlin, where there are green spots everywhere, check it! :) Cheers

stef wrote on May 17, 2009:Sweden is a strange country. They have the hardest metal bands but alcolhol is basicly not accessible because of the price. I remember each saturday thousands of swedens got to Denmarg with the ship from Helsingborg to Helsingor. On the ship toward Denmark already a large part of them were drunk, and then they continued in Helsingor. At the end of the day on the ship were more drunk people then dry. Btw Helsingor in Denmark is the scene of Shapespeare's Hamlet.

megadeth143 wrote on May 17, 2009:Thanks. We have stayed in Southern Sweden a few twice for a metal festival in 2003 and 2005. The concert was in Solvesborg, we stayed in Olofstrom. Very nice stays.

stef wrote on May 16, 2009:btw. the pics are again top...

stef wrote on May 16, 2009:I visited Sweden 1990, but only the south of it. I stayed in a small town called Chritian...something. I can remember the strange, sweety taste everything has their. Really everything, even cigarettes. It comes from the stuff they sterilize all their food with. A strange consequence of this was the story of some swedish climbers: A few years ago a swedish climber team didn't succeed on the Himalaya, because they've got diarrhee. Their flora of the intestine wasn't used with bacterias, which for other people were quite usual and without any threat. Takso Muecke...

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