Roubaix, 2007

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by danpop 

(about Roubaix, France, added on Apr 29, 2009)


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danpop wrote on Jun 7, 2009:@cipri, you know Dani ... he's a rugby addict, and football is like 'just another sport' for him

danpop wrote on Jun 7, 2009:Actually we didn't payed a dime, as far as I can remember (it's been 2 years, how time flies), but this was because that was a trip offered by their Ministry of Education for foreign students. I'm sure thought, that the entrance fares are not a fortune :)

cipristb wrote on Apr 29, 2009:Nice pics Dan, I see that you have visited a lot of places when you've studied at Lile ... P.S.: Does Dani wear a Steaua shirt? :D

erato wrote on Apr 29, 2009:Statues look great, I just picked up Roubaix to my 'visit in the next 5 years' list, thanks for the gallery. ;-) I perhaphs the entrence does not cost a fortune, am I right? Cheers. P.S.: Thanks for the guestbook entry ;-)

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