Rijeka 2008

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by Hiawatha 

(about Rijeka, Croatia, added on Apr 24, 2009)

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Hiawatha wrote on Apr 29, 2009:Except where I am on show from a bigger distance, all of these photos are mine :) I really love picturing :)

Hiawatha wrote on Apr 29, 2009:Hahahhh.. Thanks for cheering words! Well, Rijeka is a pretty nice place - it's a representative historical port-town with old precious buildings, intimate ambulatories, many people, lot of birds :p, but my impression was that's like a dead place, it's so ruined and uncared-for, and the port was also unfriendly.. it not means I didn't enjoy it - was just a bit strange for me, but I think you only have to be disposed to receive and understand the type and the lifestyle of these port-towns. :)

erato wrote on Apr 24, 2009:52, 53 and 55 are my favorites, who shot these?

erato wrote on Apr 24, 2009:Finally you made it!!! :) Watching your photos I think Rijeka happens to be a very nice place. Let me know something, how much does it cost a Croatian holiday? :) Also send my and Lori's greetings to Tia. :D

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