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thomassie wrote on Jun 12, 2009:first: thanx!

the water has this turquoise color due to fact that there are only few nutrients in it (the term is oligotrophic). further, the ground consists of limestone. this combination results in that beautiful shading. you can see this in many other lakes...

danpop wrote on Jun 12, 2009:Wow, looks like a slice of heaven; really nice landscape. Rated 100%, no doubt about it :)

MadSuh wrote on Jun 12, 2009:btw... why is that water colored that way in pic #16? Is that your camera, did they add any chemicals? Or is that just amazing... ;)

MadSuh wrote on Jun 12, 2009:Wow... again a really nice gallery. I really do think we need to start a best gallery contest soon. There are some beautiful pics there again, I like the clover leaves and the plants that sit on a tree stump inside the water... very cool

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