Pangkor island resort: A tryst with nature

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by commarimari 

(about B-13-01 Tower B Menara Prima Dataran Prima Jalan P, Malaysia, added on Jan 28, 2014)

Exploring Pangkor island resort package provides tourists a place where they can relax in an effective manner. It is located between Penang and Kuala Lumpur and is a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Studded with swimming pool and the private beach the resort goes a long way in creating an instant impression on the people.

Hills of the virgin rainforest tend to surround the resort and tourist can effectively interact with the nature. Calm water of the strait is a wonderful proposition for the people who want to enjoy boating in cool waters. As a part of the recreation, you can go for bird watching that would captivate the imagination to a great extent. Several species of birds are present which wait patiently to hog on to the feeding stations located near the beach. Kingfisher, Orioles and ground doves are some of the exotic varieties of birds.

One of the major attractions is the SPA which is fronting the pristine beach. Different selection of the treatments and other therapies are available to soothe the tensed nerves of the patients. After the massage you will witness rejuvenation of the physical as well as mental health. Numerous land and sea activities are available to the adventure sports enthusiasts. Jet skiing and jungle trekking are some of the options tried by the tourists.

Similarly deep sea fishing and snorkeling are amazing activities however it is important to carry them on under the expert supervision of the instructors. It is a wonderful experience while swimming with the different fishes of the ocean. Nice offshore fishing trip can be arranged through the resort and people can participate with renewed enthusiasm. Fu Link Kung temple is located on the island and is frequented by large number of visitors. Foodies can have a go at the numerous restaurants located in the nearby vicinity.

Exploring the beaches near the resort is possible by the motor bikes and would go a long way in providing amazing results. Resort is great for the family as well as the children. Early morning, you can join other people looking for birds such as the hornbill. A huge golf course is an ideal alternative for the people who can hone their skills in the sports. Visiting Island is a pleasant experience for the visitors due to the diversity of attractions available. It is important to plan out the trip beforehand so that you do not face problems at the last moment.

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