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Oradea by nigth from outside the city

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by erato 

(about Oradea, Romania, added on Apr 20, 2009)

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erato wrote on Apr 22, 2009:Just read on local news, the park on Calvary Hill is not ready yet, I think it is not opened to the public as yet.

erato wrote on Apr 22, 2009:It does not say 'Oradea's Fungus Hill'. :P I think only Oradeans undestand what this is supposed to mean. By the way the pictures wasn't taken there, this place is close to Szaldobagy. The place you mentioned is called Calvary Hill. Just to make everybody understand: there is a restaurant on Calvary Hill wearing the name 'Ciupercuta', what really means Fungus. So Oradeans call the place 'Ciupercuta' Hill.

cipristb wrote on Apr 21, 2009:nice pics on Oradea's Fungus Hill

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