My Favorite Beach

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by kencruise 

(about Hatteras, North Carolina, added on Oct 22, 2014)

Inspiration came from The Outer Banks OBX North Carolina in the form of a rescued Loggerhead Sea Turtle. An important Historic and environmental region of North Carolina, Kitty Hawk is home to Cape Hattera Lighthouse and the Wright Brothers Memorial. Kennedy, agent for Ken Cruise Travel told me why the Outer Banks is the Kiteboarding Capital of the World. 'The Wind Duh!!', he exclaimed. I scoffed at his short reply, then almost choked to death on a scale or some other form of dried fish bait particulate that blew off the pier rail where we were entering the Pamlico Sound to Kiteboard. See, when the wind isn't blowing in the Outer Banks of North Caolina, you go fishing.

Ken Cruise


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triptokerala wrote on Dec 25, 2017:nice

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