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by bicska 

(about Basel, Switzerland, added on Jan 24, 2010)

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hegedusirma wrote on Mar 20, 2010:how was the museum night in Bern, where are the pictures?

bicska wrote on Feb 3, 2010:Hey Lori,

I'll go home someday, but yet I have no ideea when it's gona happened. This event is similar to thatone from budapest or bucarest but because of the weather it wasn't any part out. The next one will be here in Bern, I;m waiting that so much! Will be in march, hopefully the weather will be better.


zlori wrote on Jan 27, 2010:Hey Bicska,

I already missed you! :) Fine galleries by the way...
Is this event similar to Museum's Night at Budapest?

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Bicska's comment on Feb 3, 2010 10:18:Yeeeeeeeaaaah, somebody thinks like mee, exactly SAW!

Danpop's comment on Jan 27, 2010 0:08:This is so like Saw reloaded ... creepy



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