Maguri Racatau December 2008

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by Tudi 

(about Maguri-racatau, Romania, added on May 29, 2009)

A weekend in the snowy Apuseni Mountains, at a Maguri-Racatau cabin.


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danpop wrote on Jul 4, 2009:Been there, last year, but it was summer. Lovely place. The snowman ... what a cutie :P

Tudi wrote on Jun 23, 2009:Thanks for the comment angel :) Maguri-Racatau is a pretty small area in the Apuseni Carpathian mountains in Romania (they're close to my hometown Cluj-Napoca).

It's a really lovely place because it's always peaceful and quiet, unlike some of the more populated winter resorts around.

angel wrote on Jun 23, 2009:I like very much the snow-covered hills, playing snowball, and skiing. I don't know where is this place, Maguri-Racatau, but it brings up some great memories of mine :)

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