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MadSuh wrote on Oct 22, 2009:I have never been to Finland, but this seems to be a place that I would definitely like to visit. I guess most people are just interested in large cities, but then these calmer towns have a lot to offer.
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Kajsa wrote on Oct 20, 2009:Kristinestad (Finnish: Kristiinankaupunki) is a small, idyllic seaside town. The town invites visitors to walk along the narrow lanes, get to know the charming churches and museums and grab something to eat by the sea.

Kristinestad was founded in 1649 and named after the Swedish queen Christina. Finland was at this point a part of Sweden. Ship building, seafaring, leather factories, breweries, fishing and various workshops raised the city to its bloom.

In the 19th century, the merchant fleet of Kristi-nestad was one of the largest in the country, and the port was one of the busiest in the Gulf of Bothnia.

The city centre has changed its expression over the years but it still reflects the centuries of tradition in a unique way. It can be felt when walking down the narrow streets between the well-preserved wooden houses that have been spared from the flames. Kristinestad is a quite small town, you can reach almost everything within a block or two of the market square.

The villages that surround the town are also worth visiting. The river, Tjöck å, offers adventures to canoers. The trip along he river leads to Norrfjarden in Kristinestad. In Liden they arrage a small festival every August, called Lidstock.

Lappfjard has a big church and is known for its large potato fields. One third of the potatoes in Finland grow here. The recreation area Bötombergen is unique. You can go hiking along seven dirrefent trails. The Wolf Cave is located near Bötombergen, there you can sense how the Neanderthal once lived. The Wolf cave is the oldest known human dwelling site in northern Europe.

In the heart of Pärus, Storholmen gives the opportunity for relaxing moments in beautiful nature. You should really come here in May when all the wood anemones are in bloom! In small, restful village of Korsbäck they grow fresh strawberries that create a genuine summer feeling.

In the southtern part of the county, in Härkmeri, the valuable cultural landscape offers a beautiful view of enriching farmhouses. Concerts invite you to Henriksdal and Skaftung attracts with its peaceful archipelago.

In Sideby, activities are arranged at the old local museum Kilen. In Uttermossa you can get a glance of the highland cattle grazing and in Ömossa you can try the taste of homemade cheese.

Kristinestad is bilingual, like many other towns on the finnish coast. The inhabitants speak Finnish and Swedish.

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