Jebel Akakus

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by akka 

(about Ghat, Libya, added on Oct 7, 2009)

The Jebel Akakus is an other-wordly landscape of dark basalt monoliths rising up from the sands of the central Sahara. This World Heritage-listed area is home to unique natural rock formations, as well as prehistoric rock paintings and carvings, some of which date back 12,000 years. You can only visit the region with a guide, who can be organised in Ghat.

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madsuh12345 wrote on Oct 8, 2009:One of the places I definitely would like to visit. Some people are not big fans of the desert, but I love it, it's peaceful and somehow powerful...

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MadSuh's comment on Oct 8, 2009 1:04:Good thing the cars are on that picture. That rock arch is awesome and huge. Thanks for sharing



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