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In the air tonight

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by zangazanga 

(about Oradea, Romania, added on Apr 29, 2009)


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erato wrote on May 4, 2009::) For those who don't speak Hungarian, this sentence: 'Mozgas-szinhaz 2009-es Turne. Jegyek mar kaphatok!' in English means 'Motion- Theatre 2009 Tour. Tickets already available!'. :D Maybe I wouldn't call this Motion Theatre, or any kind of theatre. :D Or anything related to ANY arts. :D Except the art of humor and beeing funny. :) cheers

zlori wrote on May 4, 2009:I'm takin' easy and anyway I'm out of words. :) Boti, be welcomed in Travelgrove, I'm glad to see you too here! :) For those who don't know, his username is prucsok. Btw. I wouldn't use the pic. 'Oradea 7' as a demonstrating image in a dictionary for a word like 'natural'. :D

cipristb wrote on Apr 29, 2009:Funny pics and the first are realy nice :D (Lori will say again that this is not a relevant content for us :D, Lori take it easy man)

LeslieP wrote on Apr 29, 2009:Intelligence?This was a Mr.Bean portrait...well I know that I have really fine acting go an...for any instruction contact me:P:))

erato wrote on Apr 29, 2009:Ok I changed my mind, this is my favorite: The sign of the intelligence on your face... :P That's the best for sure and you achieved your goal, it's very funny. :D

LeslieP wrote on Apr 29, 2009:I'm gonna report this as spam:))The green guy is not me:P LOL yeah i look funny but this was the purpose THX GREAT

erato wrote on Apr 29, 2009:Oradea 7 - - Leslie_p you look sooooooooo great. :D (the guy in green for those who don't know him). Who's the boy on the right? Reni also looks fun, thanks for postin' zanga! Cheers

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