Heuneburg macedonian, thracian, and celtic meeting

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by Wazling 

(about Parkplatz Talhof, Germany, added on Aug 24, 2009)

Heuneburg thracian, macedonian and celtic meeting on the Heuneburg, an old celtic castle. It´s place was already settled from the 16th. century B.C.


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Wazling wrote on Aug 27, 2009:Hi erato! Actually is was there as a greek civilian from 'magna grecia' in italy. I´m just beginning to make perhaps also greek reenacment. So in fact i looked not as good as the others.
Female warriors werent there, because the groups on this event try to keep as close as poosible on the historic line. So because of that, female warriors arent common.
I only know few historical writings saying stories about womens fighting and these are mostly from roman imperial times.

erato wrote on Aug 27, 2009:May I ask, which group did you enhence? Were you macedonian, thracian or celtic warrior? :)
The pictures are great anyway. Were there female warriors as well?

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