Exploring caves

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by marius_f 

(about Padis, Romania, added on Aug 4, 2008)

Exploring caves


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MadSuh wrote on Aug 6, 2008:nice comment John.... I bet our ladies will like that one ....

johnchalekson wrote on Aug 5, 2008:these caves also look like 'vaginas'

johnchalekson wrote on Aug 5, 2008:roles: to display content.(permissions). then you need content type and you limit roles to certain content type. then for advanced HTML or SQL or Injects you do not permit that. to not permit it ALL is a dis-service to the community. i do not think block all links html etc makes for robust community.

johnchalekson wrote on Aug 5, 2008:are those bones?

johnchalekson wrote on Aug 5, 2008:need to be able to post links and *some* html.

johnchalekson wrote on Aug 5, 2008:WOW you are more hands on. i have done minor exploring only. we went into some old silver and gold mines from the turn of the century in the mojave desert about 3 years ago. i forget the one but it was an Indian cave and massive growths occurred inside. very beautiful. this one was all vacant and owls were in the barn. the place was deserted like a ghost-town. you could walk inside of the homes that they lived in and look at their mining tools. these links are very bad. but the bonanza king mine was great. it went so far back and there were bats and total darkness.

MadSuh wrote on Aug 5, 2008:Man you rock!!!! Awesome pics!

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