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Excursion somewhere near Oradea (Nagyvárad)

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by erato 

(about Oradea, Romania, added on Apr 20, 2009)

Really nice pictures made by a friend of mine Peto Istvan. All my friends say we were IN Oradea but it does not look like it - just check the pictures

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erato wrote on Apr 21, 2009:By the wy by walking is more then 2 hours to get there and the road is horrible, but still this part is considered as a part of Oradea. I think it's more far then Szaldobagy.

erato wrote on Apr 21, 2009:Thanks, actually most of them are made by a friend of mine, his username on p_istvan. He's also here on Travelgrove, so check his galleries too. Don't be surprised if he will not answer or he will respond shortly to your comment, he's still learning English. Cheers

stef wrote on Apr 21, 2009:I didn't rate it with 100% because of my crap memories. But the pics are cool...

stef wrote on Apr 21, 2009:I know this place! I think it's towards Szaldobagy. Once we made picnic there and thought that there were water. After the fatty meal we made on the fire we almost died of thirst. But everything else was ok...

cipristb wrote on Apr 21, 2009:very nice photos, I like your macros and the efect you obtained when you took those pictures on the hammock

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