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Eiffel tower, Notre Damme, Moulin Rouge

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by bicska 

(about Paris, France, added on Nov 3, 2009)

with my lovely sister&brother-in-low

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bicska wrote on Nov 10, 2009:Yes, but not as cool city as London!

zdanko wrote on Nov 6, 2009:I like very much the pictures made at night! Anyhow: beautiful city :)

bicska wrote on Nov 5, 2009:a bit!

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Bicska's comment on Nov 10, 2009 4:40:really strange peoples, but I am strange as well! I went to Paris (first time) alone and leaving with a strange franch girl, in a very intresting part of Paris.

Zlori's comment on Nov 10, 2009 3:11::D:D:D LOL.... I would say thoroughly.... :P
Nice country but strange people and even more strange foods... :)

Bicska's reply to Wazling's comment on Nov 5, 2009 22:55:a bit

Wazling's comment on Nov 4, 2009 0:34:Hmm, french going crazy?



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