Croatian Summer Holiday 2008

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by Hiawatha 

(about Sutivan, Croatia, added on May 13, 2009)


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zlori wrote on May 15, 2009:Yeah, some of the prettiest girls in the world, including my favorite Native American who's also one of the most clever young lady whom I ever met - Keep goin', Hiawatha, and a great deal of thanks! :) Cheers

Wazling wrote on May 15, 2009:Yeah, i´ve got to say the same as Marius. Of course we realized the pretty girls on the pictures! :)

Hiawatha wrote on May 15, 2009:P.S.: sorry, not 'survivor' - we were survivors.. Kaltenberg was our live-saver!:p (I'm thirsty, toooooooooo.. :D)

marius_f wrote on May 15, 2009:Yes, not to foget about the GIRLS ... yes of course thei are very nice, very pretty ... yes the island is nice, the landscapes also, but THE BEER is GREAT !!! :) P.S. I'm very very thirsty. I's too hot already! :)

Hiawatha wrote on May 15, 2009:Stop, please! Beer..island.. but what about the GIRLS on the pictures?:p >:D:D:D Otherwise, 'Kaltenberg' was the only one alternative on that day ('cause was any national holiday then and almost everything was closed).. even so, well, was one of the best beers I've ever drunk, and was the best survivor!!!!!:D:D:D

erato wrote on May 14, 2009:There must be something wrong with me, gentlemen, but I watched the landscapes, not the brand of the beer on the pictures - which are very good:) I might be too conservative, but I think the the island was a little more...interesting:D

Wazling wrote on May 14, 2009:Yeah, they seemed to be very thirsty. And it was a good german beer! :) You should try Kaltenberg dark beer at once.

marius_f wrote on May 13, 2009:Excelent pics, wow ... you made me want to go for a swim. I can see you were very thirsty :)

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