Climbin' and hikin' in Szaldobagy

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by zlori 

(about Oradea, Romania, added on Jul 8, 2009)

Climbin' and hikin' in Szaldobagy with my friend on the weekend - It was awesome! I decided to buy a mountain bike after the tour.

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zlori wrote on Jul 9, 2009:Btw. Cipri, I think neighter the Arch of triumph in Berlin reflect the reality... :p

zlori wrote on Jul 9, 2009::D Sorry, all of you! Actually me and my friends were on a very cool biking tour last weekend, I started to post a gallery about it but I cannot find the rest of the photos! I'm still looking for those, I made several pictures usin' my cell-phone...

cipristb wrote on Jul 9, 2009:what kind of gallery is this? the title of the gallery does not reflect the reality ... it will be more nice to say: riding and drifting cars on the way to Szaldobagy

zdanko wrote on Jul 9, 2009:We wanna see you climbing 'n' hiking, like you wrote in the description ;)

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