Caving camp

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by marius_f 

(about Balnaca-grosi, Romania, added on May 6, 2009)

Caving Camp & birthday


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MadSuh wrote on May 6, 2009:Always amazes me how people can crawl into these holes... I really had fun the last time we did this, but I did feel like a rat that day. I have no desire to do that again, but it was a hell of an experience ;)

marius_f wrote on May 6, 2009:Hi, it's dangerous to walk on the street, we use only equipment and tehnics aprouved by UIAA, and we are very serious with this, and the most important we love to do this, to search new unexplored places on this planet, and this place are in the caves... IIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Wazling wrote on May 6, 2009:Seems to be a pretty interesting hobby! But isnt it sometimes dangerous?

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