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Budapest M. é.

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by zlori 

(about Budapest, Hungary, added on Jun 28, 2008)

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erato wrote on Apr 22, 2009:That's great. :) I think you're talking about speedways. But actually in Hungary, just like in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Slovakia and almost all European countries (except Romania: 110 km/h, Ukraine: 120 km/h, Serbia:120km/h and some few other countries) the maximum speed limit is 130 km/h. :) So I would delete those pictures quick. :P

zlori wrote on Apr 22, 2009:Take it easy it was on a highway. :)

cipristb wrote on Apr 21, 2009:don't play with speed sometimes it may cost your life

cipristb wrote on Apr 21, 2009:how the hack did you took that picture on that speed? :D

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