Bodies - the exebition

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by erato 

(about Budapest, Hungary, added on Apr 30, 2009)

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erato wrote on May 4, 2009:The exhibition was interesting, but I still think it is violating piety. It is mostly about making money by astonishing people and the educational effect is also minor if you started to smoke again after only one week:)

stef wrote on May 3, 2009:I saw this exhibition 2001 in Cologne. That time was a huge debate in Germany about this guy (his a coroner). At the end of the day the success shows it s the right thing to do it, despite the moral issues. The exhibition is indeed fascinating and there is a great educational effect too. For example, there were some smoker lungs, years before they putted such pictures on the cigarettes. I know, after I visited the show, i didn t smoke a week.

erato wrote on May 1, 2009:I'm not sure if it was a good idea posting this gallery - I just wanted to show something from the exhibition for those who don't see already. If anyone has any bad feelings about it I can delete at once.

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