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Blesle - Pearl of France

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by erato 

(about Blesle, France, added on Aug 14, 2009)

Blesle is an amazingly charming village with hundred year old houses, narrow streets and happy people.


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erato wrote on Aug 20, 2009:@Yes Anneballo, there are hills in the region which makes it even more beautiful. If you climb to the top of a hill, you can admire the whole town. I can't even describe the feeling. :)

anneballo wrote on Aug 20, 2009:I like the architectural style of the town it's pretty nice. It is really between some mountains or hills as I see on the pictures?

hazelangeli wrote on Aug 19, 2009:The pictures look great. It's as if I am taken to these century old houses. Some houses and villages in the Philippines are of the same structure. The ones in Blesle are well-maintained and more captivating though.:)

zangazanga wrote on Aug 18, 2009:I have checked and they say that Blesle is one of the most beautiful villages in France. Watching these pictures I have no doubt about it. It is really like in a knight tale. :)

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