Bike trip

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by marius_f 

(about Oradea, Romania, added on Aug 31, 2009)

A short bike tour in one afternoon, after a day of work. Sorry for the quality pictures are made by phone.

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stef wrote on Sep 3, 2009:when you make a bike tour, take the gps recorder with you, in order to share the route.

marius_f wrote on Aug 31, 2009:Tibi and me decided to go on a bike trip, on the hills near Oradea. We did not have a photo camera, only our phones, that's wy the pic quality it not so good. Around Oradea there are many bike routes, so we decided to fotograph them and, why not to make a map with GPS routes.

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Marius_f's comment on Sep 1, 2009 1:48:this was the last pick, but the system put this first ...serious !:P

Zlori's comment on Sep 1, 2009 1:37::D
Why I'm not wondering about this being the first pic... the photos are good btw. ;-)

Marius_f's comment on Aug 31, 2009 23:22:in return we stopped at a rustic terrace to hydrated


Marius_f's comment on Aug 31, 2009 23:17:Exact here we were with coleguas for a nice paintball fight!


Marius_f's comment on Aug 31, 2009 23:21:the view from the terrace where we stopped to drink a beer


Marius_f's comment on Aug 31, 2009 23:20:After we stole a few good apples, sweet and natural


Marius_f's comment on Aug 31, 2009 23:18:Here you can see Fughiu Vilage and the dam.


Marius_f's comment on Aug 31, 2009 23:09:This pick, was on my phone and copy it with the others; me after a long night :) enjoy



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