A beautyfull day @Oradea Fortress

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by p_istvan 

(about Oradea, Romania, added on Apr 20, 2009)

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erato wrote on Apr 22, 2009::D I think you missunderstood me a little bit. I don't want to know until when the park will function as a public garden. I don't think any information like 'it will be opened until 2020' would help a lot, I didn't plan to visit it in 2022. I wanted to know the opening hours. By the way since then I visited the park myself and I found out that it is opened from 9am to 10pm summertime and from 9am to 18pm during winter.

cipristb wrote on Apr 21, 2009:Nice pictures taken at the new Dedrological park in Oradea. I've heared that the park was opened on 10th of april 2009 but I don't know until when the park will be opened

erato wrote on Apr 20, 2009:Really nice pictures indeed. You might happen to know until when the park is opened?

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