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  • Top Ski resorts in the US – Aspen Ski Resort

    Forest near Aspen, Colorado

    Forest near Aspen ©KR1212/Flickr

    Although we are still in the middle of the summer, enjoying the sun and heat, some may even have their summer vacation ahead of them, it cannot be too early to start planing your winter getaway. That is why we will bring you the best ski resorts in the US, with all the information you need to decide where you want to ski and snowboard the next winter. Today’s pick is one of the most popular places for a little fun in the cold season: the Aspen Ski Resort in Colorado

    Aspen Ski Resort is one of the most popular winter destinations in the United States. Aspen Mountains (formerly called Ajax) are located in Pitkin County, Colorado. The famous ski resort belongs to the Aspen Ski Company and is part of the Aspen Snowmass complex consisting of four different ski areas. The four areas are Aspen Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk.

    Aspen Snowmass

    Aspen Snowmas is located in the White River National Forest, as part of the Snowmass Village. It is only 9 miles away from the center of Aspen and is open between November 26 and  April 10 every year. The ski area has got 21 lifts and its base elevation is at 2,473 m (8,104 feet) while its summit elevation is 3,813 m (12,510 feet). Snowmass is 1,360 hectares (3,362 acres) large and has got trails for all skiers from easiest to expert level. The total 94 trails are 241 km (150) miles long together, the longest individual trail being 8.5 km (5.3 miles) long.

    Skiers in Aspen

    Skiers in Aspen ©Ryan Oksenhorn/Flickr

    The Snowmass area has got three terrain parks, (Lowdown, Makaha and Snowmass Park), a beginner pipe and a 22 foot large super pipe. The area’s 21 lifts include eight passenger gondola, high speed lift, pulse gondola, high speed quads and more. All the lifts open between 8 AM and 10AM and stay open until 4 PM if the weather allows it.

    Those who want to perfect their skiing or snowboarding knowledge can learn from the experts at The Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen/ Snowmass. You can also rent or buy sports equipment on the mountain at several places in Snowmass village and around. On the mountain, hungry and thirsty skiers have nine dining options to choose from, these is a steak house, a pizza restaurant, international restaurant and more.

    Aspen Mountain

    The Aspen Mountain area starts right from downtown Aspen and is also located in the White River National Forest. This area has got only 8 lifts and is open from November 26 to April 17 yearly. Base elevation starts at 2,422 m (7,945 feet) while summit elevation is at a height of 3,418 m (11,212 feet).

    This ski resort is significantly smaller in territory than Snowmass, ‘only’ 273 hectares (675 acres), but it has 76 trails or 103 km (64 miles) in total. The longest run is nearly 5 km (3 miles) long and, here too, you can find all types of trails from 0% – the easiest to 26% – only for pros. The eights lifts include a gondola, a high speed quad, a high speed double, two quads and three doubles, so you have a wide range to choose from.

    Note that the majority of the lifts open in the morning, at 9 AM and close at 4 PM in the afternoon. You can also take ski and snowboard classes here and rent or buy equipment if you did not bring it with you. In addition, the area has got fours restaurants for after a long day of skiing.

    Aspen Highlands

    The third area is Aspen Highlands located only three miles from the center of Aspen. Its 5 lifts are open from December 12 to April 10 and elevation starts at 2,451 m (8,040 feet) while the summit is at 3,559 m (11,675 feet).

    Although Aspen Highlands is not the largest of the four in territory, it lies on 421 hectares (1,040 acres), but has got 122 trails. These make up 135 km (84 miles) of trails and the longest of the 122 is 5.6 km (3.5 miles). he easiest trail is a 18% one while the hardest – only for experts – is a 36% one.

    Aspen Mountain view

    Aspen Mountain view ©Roban Kramer/Flickr

    The five lifts include 3 high speed quads and two triplets and they are open between 9 AM and 4 PM during the season. There are two restaurants where you can eat and also the possiblity to take lessons and rent or buy skis, snowboards and accessories.


    The last ski area is Buttermilk, 6 miles away from the Snowmass area and village and 3 miles away from Aspen, still within the White River National Forest. Base elevation is at 2,399 m (7,870 feet) and summit is at 3,018 m (9,900 feet). Buttermilk area has got 8 lifts.

    This is the smallest area. It has got 190 hectares (470 acres) and just 34 km (21 miles) of trails. he longest of the 44 trails of Buttermilk is almost 5 km (3 miles) long. This resort also have two terrain parks though, the Buttermilk Park with more than a hundred features and also a Panda Pipe for beginners.

    The easiest trail is 0% and the expert one is 35%. The eight lifts of Buttermilk include a double lift, three high speed quads and four ski school lifts. Here two, there are two restaurants, ski equipment vendor and ski/ snowboard school.

    Those who want to come to Aspen for a winter holiday can should get lift tickets in time. According to the freshest prices we have found, one day tickets cost $50 for children (7-12 years), $77 for juniors (13-17 years), $119 for adults (18-64 years) and $110 for seniors (65 years and above). These prices apply for one day tickets, but you can also buy numerous packages for only one afternoon, two days, six days, one week or two weeks. If you start searching for tickets in time, you can also find them for great discounts.All you have to do is check some travel websites.

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