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    Most people dream of traveling more than they do, but the main thing that keeps them locked in one location is the fact that they need money to travel. After all, travel is expensive, right?

    Well, sometimes. In fact, travel doesn’t have to be an expensive option if you go about it the right way and in some cases, travel can even pay you as you go! You might be thinking to yourself that this sounds too good to be true, but in fact there are quite a few jobs that offer you the chance to get paid while you travel internationally.
    travel while you workHere are just a few careers you may not have considered that allow yo u to see the vast landscapes and diverse people of the planet while you are getting paid.

    One of the first jobs that comes to mind for most people is working as a tour guide. It’s not as hard as you think.

    To be a tour guide you need to have an outgoing, fun personality and a great knowledge of the place you are guiding people. In some cases you will need specific skills such as life saving techniques, first aid, or sailing knowledge.

    The important part though is that you have the right attitude and know about the region you will be guiding. By approaching employers with enthusiasm and a demonstrated knowledge about the region, you are already above more than half of the applicants. Other skills can be learned on the job. In fact, many guiding firms want to train you! So hit the books about where you want to be a guide! You can do it.

    If you are a nurse, you have a golden opportunity. Traveling nurse programs allow nurses to go all over the world and work in many different countries with free or discounted housing, great pay, and often organized tour activities built into the program. If I were to go back to college, I would get a nursing degree. Not because I love nursing, but because I love travel.

    One travel job that people don’t often think of is working to save wildlife. A job as a wildlife conservation assistant helps you to see the world and save the planet at the same time. While many of these positions require a degree, it is possible to gain a job as an assistant with minimum qualifications. A good way to get in the door is to do a free or paid internship with non-profits such as the World Wildlife Fund.

    Finally, there are lots of jobs in the cruise industry. While these jobs will let you see the world, you will probably be working a lot. The pay isn’t always great, but if you stick with it, the benefits and pay will increase. One bonus is that you usually get free room and board on the ship with these jobs.

    Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, if you are smart about it, it often can pay you!

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