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  • The camper’s guide to glamping

    photo by Stephanie Chapman

    Times change, and so does travel, and if ten years ago something like ‘glamping’ would have sounded ridiculous, this type of travel is gaining more and more ground nowadays. Glamping, or glamorous camping, is less of a contradiction as it sounds, because luxury camping is indeed possible, and not only if you pay through your teeth for tour packages that will make you sleep in semi-permanent upscale camping grounds that take out all authenticity from a travel experience.

    Glamping will not take the joy out of camping, but it will allow you to travel in style. Read on for a camper’s guide to glamping!

    Turning camping into glamping

    One way to go glamping is to buy a ready made travel package that will take care of every details of your trip, save for packing. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person and you’re not inclined to pay the often steep prices to glamping packages, you can turn your camping trip into a glamping trip with a few neat tricks.

    First of all, one major difference between camping and glamping is the size of the tent. Gone are the nights spent squatting in a pint-size tent, you need to expand your horizons and get or rent a tent that allows you to walk upright through it. A couple of camp chair and kitchen mats will make a world of difference – you will be able to sit down at a camping table, and keep your tent relatively clean. An inflatable bed to replace your sleeping bag, and maybe some nice sheets will turn the tent into a very cozy habitation for your entire stay.

    If you’re not camping on a campsite with water and facilities, you can bring a portable shower stall with you, and a water tank with a gas heating stand to heat water. This is not luxurious per se, but it’s more than what you can expect in the wild!

    Glamping sites

    If the DIY version of glamping seems too much of a bother, there are countless camping grounds that can take care of everything for you. Glamping grounds are more and more common, and whether you want to sleep in a traditional (albeit huge) tent or more special accommodation like yurts, gypsy caravans, teepees or cottages, you can find something that is luxurious/affordable enough for you.

    Generally, these camps have kitchen and bathroom facilities equipped with everything you need, and there will also be a selection of activities for you to choose from.


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