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  • First Time Travel – Packing Wisely

    Amateur travelers are easy to spot in a foreign country, you will find them dragging a huge backpack or a suitcase that is bright colored. These luggage are usually bigger than their body, they are dressed in fashionable journey equipment. It is obvious by their appearance that they have visited the latest adventure gear store. They wear the most expensive trekking shoes always.

    This is not the way to pack the backs for adventure travel. You should keep in mind that exploration during your holidays means comfort.

    On your trip you will probably be walking most of the times and it is not easy to walk with 50 kg luggage in your hand or backpack. Adventure travel may get your cloths dirty and if you are wearing expensive clothing then they may ruined. Sometimes there is a chance that your expensive luggage or gear may get stolen in foreign countries.

    Lightweight backpack is an ideal bag for any kind of adventure travel, but not all packs are of equal sizes. When you buy the packs, make sure that you are buying dark colored bags and it has a flap on top. You should pack your cloths in waterproof bags. Try to keep your pack as small as possible, but if you are mountaineering then you will probably need a larger pack.

    No matter what kind of travel it is, you should wear light and breathable cloths. Cotton shirts and cargo pants are the most comfortable cloths on trip. Always wear dark colored cloths on your trip, so that even if it gets dirty it is not visible. You don’t want to get sun burn all over your body, so keep a sun block and a hat which can protect you from sun. You can get tips on traveling in most of the magazines related to travel.

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