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  • Top 5 strange buildings in the world

    Grune Zitadelle, Magdeburg

    Go into a suburban neighborhood and chances are that you’ll see the most boring and conventional architecture in the world. When all the buildings are more or less the same, it seems like you just can’t escape the monotony.

    But while in some places people are more than happy to stick to their boring square buildings, the architects who designed following constructions are either very creative, or just plain crazy. If you want to see some buildings that are out of the ordinary, check out this list of the top 5 strange buildings in the world.

    1. Grune Zitadelle, Magdeburg, Germany

    This eye-catching building is the last project of genius Austrian architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and one of the best known too. Hundertwasser designed countless residential complexes, commercial spaces, a winery in Napa Valley and even a public toilet in Japan, all in his own, colorful and quirky way.

    The Grune Zitadelle was described by Hundertwasser as an oasis for humanity and nature in a sea of sensible buildings. The colors and style of the building clash with everything else surrounding it, and this is one of the reasons why it is so amazing.

    2. Solar Ark, Gifu, Japan

    The Solar Ark, from a distance, looks like a giant slug perched on the ground, but when you come closer you realize that it so hi-tech that it seems out of a sci-fi movie. The Ark is a solar power generation facility in Gifu Prefecture, and its purpose is to raise awareness and appreciation of ecology and science. Visit it at night, it will look like a space ship.

    3. Basque Health Department Building, Ensanche Spain

    The bizarre yet alluring broken glass style facade of this building was not designed this was merely with aesthetic reasons in mind. This type of double facades actually solves a lot of problems like air conditioning, need for double ceilings bigger floor volumes. Also, it looks incredibly cool.

    4. Stone House, Guimarães, Portugal

    This house looks like someone once found two conveniently located boulders, with an adequate distance between them, and decided to put a roof over them and fill in the gaps with concrete.

    The design was supposedly inspired by the famous Flintstone style architecture from cartoons, and it manages to pull off a very convincing imitation. If you visit the Fafe Mountains in Portugal, don’t forget to check out this house.

    5. The Crooked House, Sopot, Poland

    photo by AbhijeetRaneCalled Krzywy Domek in Polish, this building looks as if a kid build a house out of building block, and it spontaneously melded. The building is part of a shopping center in Sopot, and its architects was supposedly inspired by the fairy tale illustrations of Polish artist Jan Marcin Szancer.

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