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  • Top 5 Oscar nominee film locations

    The films nominated for the 2010 Oscars were a blast, but from a traveler’s perspective, these films were more than a pleasant couple of hours of media entertainment: they also have some good suggestions for travel destinations! Some you can guess easily, because they are quite well known, but others are more difficult to find.

    You don’t have to be a hardcore fan of these films in order to like these travel destinations. In fact, you don’t even need to see the movies! Here are the top 5 Oscar nominee film locations.

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    New York

    New York is not the most original travel destination, right? And you certainly don’t need to see Black Swan in order to decide to visit the city. However, Darren Aronosky’s film shows a different side of the Big Apple, one that might not be known to you unless you are a ballet lover.

    New York’s Lincoln Center is the backdrop to the film’s story, and home to the New York City Ballet. Drop by a new Brooklyn bar named after the film, or even visit Forum, the East Village club where one of the film’s scenes was filmed.

    Lowell, Massachusetts

    The small town of Lowell was not exactly a popular travel destination before the huge success of The Fighter, a film inspired by the life of welterweight fighter Micky Ward. Some of the best fight scenes in the film were shot at Tsongas Arena, and if you hurry up, on April 15 you can watch the Global Fight League throwdown there.


    Inception (which, by the way, picked up quite a few Oscars) was filmed on four continents, but some of the most mind-bending and iconic scenes were shot in Paris. The cafe were Leonardo di Caprio and Ellen Page’s characters have a surreal chat is located in the 15th arrondissement, it’s called Da Stuzzi and it sells great paninis. Drop by Parc de la Villette too, and marvel at its architectural deconstructivism.

    Southern Utah

    127 Hours is not a film for the faint of heart, so if your stomach can’t withstand any detailed amputation scenes, you’d better skip the movie and head directly to Southern Utah, where it was filmed.

    The sand dunes and canyons in the southern parts of the state are beautiful, and the Utah Office of Tourism even came up with various 127 itineraries for would-be adventurers.

    Clinton Steeds

    The Ozarks, Missouri

    Winter’s Bone is a great movie, pretty depressing and gritty, but with some great landscapes (if all those thrills let you focus on the scenery). Most of the movie was shot in Branson, a very nice vacation spot, with lots of opportunities or fishing, sip-lining and wine tasting. Mark Twain National Forest is another great nearby destination.

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