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    Egypt is a destination that will swallow your time before you know it, and still you’ll feel like you haven’t seen all there is to see in this dazzling country. A trip to Egypt brings out the explorer in every traveler, and after you’ve already seen the major landmarks like the Great Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings or Karnak, it’s time to see what else is on the menu.

    Some attractions in Egypt are less known than they deserve, but only because there are so many sights in the country that travelers tend to lose count. So here are the top 5 less known attractions in Egypt that you shouldn’t miss out on.

    Coptic sites

    Many of the Coptic sites along the Nile are very old, some built even 1600 years ago, and surprisingly enough they are still used as places of worship. The Cops are the direct descendants of the Ancient Egyptians who embraced Christianity, but who didn’t lose their taste for majestic buildings along with their belief in the old gods.

    The Hanging Church in Cairo is a beautiful example of Coptic religious architecture, and so is the Burnt Monastery, Deiral-Muharraq, just south of El Qusiya, one of the most important Coptic places of worship in Egypt.


    Dahab used to be a small Bedouin village before it turned into a rapidly evolving resort town on the shores of the Red Sea. There isn’t much in the way of sights in Dahab itself, however, the town is the perfect base for trips to nearby sights, which are very much interesting indeed, for example the bedouin oases of Ein Khudra and Wadi Gnay. The Old Port of Dahab is also quite interesting, and you can also find the ruins of  an old Nabatean Port near Mahraba.


    Souqs can be very crudely defined as marketplaces, but they are much more than that, they are (or used to be, at least) the beating heart of Egyptian towns and cities. It is worth visiting a souq even if you are in no mood for bargaining. Just taking in the sights, colors and smells of a souqs and watching life go by is a great experience. And if you are in the mood for a bit of shopping, you can find anything from dusty antiques to old bicycles or clothes.


    The less popular temples are also worth visiting, not only because they are just as beautiful as their larger, more visited counterparts, but also because they are much less crowded. The temple of Seti I, for example, doesn’t draw huge crowds, and even big temples like the Ramesseum are often let out from the list of tours, simply because there is so much to see in and around Luxor.

    Step Pyramids

    The Great Pyramids in Gizeh might be the largest and most popular pyramids in the country, but they are not the only ones. After visiting Gizeh, head to Saqqara and Dahshur, and see what the earlier versions of the pyramids looked like. The most well known step pyramid is the pyramid of Zoser, thought to be the oldest pyramid in the world.

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