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  • Top 5 hottest clubs in Miami


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    Those of you who don’t particularly like the winter cold have probably already started looking for an escape, even if for a few days or weeks only. Luckily, there are enough places in the world where there are sunny beaches all year round, and where you can take refuge when you get tired of all the snow and rain.

    Miami is one of these great places with neverending summer, and nevereinding fun too. There are some amazing nightclubs in Miami, you just have to know where to look for them. So for all the party-loving travelers heading to Miami, here are the top 5 hottest clubs in Miami.

    Cameo Nightclub

    Although Cameo has changed names a couple of times in the past few years, it is still retains the same aura of exclusiveness it has always had. Cameo is one of the largest clubs in the South Miami Beach area, but it isn’t one of those place where they let anyone in. Discrimination? Maybe, but one thing that you can be sure of is that the clientele is top notch. So put on your best clothes and flash your most charming smile at the bouncer, and if you get in you will dance to the craziest beats in town.

    Space Nightclub

    Space Nightclub, like the name implies, is positively huge. It has been voted several times the best nightclub in the county, and it is one of those places where everyone has a good time, regardless of their musical tastes. The sound and light equipment are cutting edge, the drinks are good and reasonably priced, and there’s a DJ every night. The club is open until 2AM, which gives you ample time to have lots of fun.

    Nikki Beach

    If you want to meet some celebrities, local or international, Nikki Beach is the place to go. During the day, Nikki Beach is a great lounge where you can relax, dance and even have light meals, but in the evening it turns into one of the hottest beach clubs in Miami. The club is an entire oncean side complex, and the club venue is called O-1, a decadently decorated place full of crimson and black damask, a huge champagne bar and, huge jeweled chandeliers.

    Mynt Lounge

    Mynt Louge is one of those nighclubs where it takes either a lot of guts or fabulous looks to get into. The old velvet rope has been in place ever since Mynt Lounge was created, and only the rich and the famous can get in without standing in the queue and trying to convince the bouncer that they are indeed worthy customers.

    Leaving the difficulties of entering aside, Mynt Lounge is an amazing place, if you can get in. Futuristic decor, elegant couches and a bar to die for.

    Set Miami

    One local newspaper noted that the tables and couches at Set Miami are arranged for maximum alcohol consumption and minimum dancing, but considering the number of people who just jump on their tables and dance, Set Miami does qualify as one of the best dance clubs in town. The beats are contagious and the alcohol plentiful, other than that it’s up to you have fun!

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    Joe TgAvatar
    Joe wrote on September 17, 2013:

    How much costs a pinha colada in those clubs?

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