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  • Top 5 hottest clubs in Las Vegas

    There’s much more to Las Vegas than casino resorts and wedding chapels, and thousands of people who visit the city come for the amazing nightlife. Sin City certainly knows how to entertain its guests, especially if they like music, dancing and alcohol.

    The hottest clubs in Vegas are not your nightlife staple, and they all have something that makes them special. Whether its the music, the drinks or the decor, something about these nightclubs makes them hard to forget. So here are the top 5 hottest clubs in Las Vegas.

    1. Rain in the Desert

    Rain, as it is fondly called, is one of the most gigantic playgrounds for adults that you can ever imagine. The club is simply huge, it has an elevated dance floor lit up by balls of fire, dancing water fountains, and skyboxes, cabanas and water booths for those who want a more intimate setting. Of course, the club is immensely popular and you can’t get in without making a reservation well in advance. In addition to being a nightclub, the Rain is also a venue for concerts and performances.

    2. Skin Pool Lounge

    The Skin Pool Lounge works with a very simple but very popular idea: a pool full of beautiful people, surrounded by poolside blackjack, massages and outdoor swings. The drinks at the Skin Pool Lounge are famously delicious, and you can sip them either in/next to the pool, or in one of the cabanas equipped with TV sets, refrigerators and chaise lounges.

    3. Ghostbar

    Ghostbar can be a truly frightening experience for those who are afraid of heights. The bar is located on the 55th floor o the Palms Casino and Resort, and it has a roof top deck,  and a see-through  acrylic floor called the ghostdeck.In addition to the amazing view of the city, if you look down from the ghostdeck, you can see the revelers at the Skin Pool Lounge. All in all, the place is very slick and elegant, and it has some very high-profile guests.

    4. Drai’s

    Drai’s is one of the most popular bars in the city at night, an during the day it is a very high class restaurant. The basement club at Drai’s has a strict dress code and you should expect to pay up a hefty sum just to get into the club.

    The rich and beautiful people of Hollywood are often seen mingling with the crowds in Drai’s, so the clientele is pretty exclusive, but even if usually this sort of club is not your style, it’s an experience that every seasoned club-goer should have.

    5. Coyote Ugly

    If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know exactly what to expect at Coyote Ugly. The bartenders are all female, beautiful, and have created an art form from the simple act of pouring a drink. The style of the bar is very Southern and not pretentious, so you can relax in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt without worrying about your looks. Except or the very impressive stunts and performances, Coyote Ugly feels like a great college bar.

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    dave wrote on December 24, 2010:

    Vegas is the best ever.

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