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  • Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

    After the agitation and fever surrounding a weeding with hundreds of guests, a crazy party with dancing, various dishes and cakes, the newlyweds crave for a top-notch, love-filled honeymoon. Depending on each couple’s idea of fun, plans and budget, there are many cities and resorts on the world’s map that would make for the ideal honeymoon destination. However, lengthways time, certain places have gained popularity among the newlyweds because they are sure to quench anyone’s needs by offering a mixture of blasting nightlife, relaxation, magnificent scenery and luxurious accommodation. Therefore, let us countdown the classic, yet best destinations for those of you who intend to walk down the aisle in the near or far away future.

    Maui, Hawaii

    Many couples that have recently tied the knot decide to get away from it all and enjoy their honeymoon on one of the white sand powdery beaches in Hawaii. In spite of the fact that this archipelago is composed of many exotic islands dotted with palm trees and sun-kissed, exclusive beaches, it appears that Maui is among the favorite islands of recently-married couples. In a nutshell, once you’ve landed here, your options are endless. You can bake under the shinning sun and sip from a refreshing colored cocktail or go scuba diving, snorkeling or surfing alongside your hubby. Provided you’re one of those active couples you could also go hiking in the rainforests and admire the waterfalls.

    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

    This exclusive seaside resort in the Dominican Republic is praised both for its nightlife and the recreational activities that it provides the tourists with. In this way, provided you and your groom /bride love to party or to enjoy the sunbeams while doing various water sports, here’s your perfect honeymoon destination. There is also a fun water park in this area called Manatí Park, as well as a mall where you could shop until you drop. J Not to mention you could have a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant and taste the crispy shrimp and fish garnished with rice and vegetables.

    Las Vegas, USA

    If you and your better-half would rather spend a one-of-kind retreat and take advantage of all the facilities a five-star hotel has to offer what better place than Vegas? More precisely, you could enjoy a spa day or go swimming in the hotel’s interior pool. A romantic dinner with a royal menu is also a great choice. And let’s not forget about the bustling nightlife which is a match for the thrill-seeking couples..A simple night walk in this shimmering town is sure not to leave you disappointed.

    Santorini, Greece

    Santorini is one of the most romantic beach cities on the European continent. Thus, it’s no wonder it magnets every year many couples that are willing to celebrate their new marriage here. This city beckons you with the narrow streets, the white-and-blue houses, the azure water, the unique black pebble golden Kamari beach as well as with the traditional mouth-watering fish and olives. After all, a fairy-tale wedding has to be followed by a dream honeymoon.

    Paris, France

    Keep your wedding toast going and sip from a glace of Pinot Noir while dining with your better-half in a Parisian restaurant, after a day of wandering in the French capital and visiting the Louvre, admiring Champs-Elysee or taking the boat for a mini cruise down the Seine River. Paris is crowded with touristic attractions ranging from museums, expositions, glossy shops, churches gardens so you’ll have a great array of options to choose from. A visit to the Eiffel Tower is also compulsory so make sure you bring your camera along in order to take home all your memories.

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