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  • Top 5 European Summer Festivals

    If you weight your options well, visiting a city in the period it hosts a festival is probably the best way to enjoy a merry atmosphere, to rejoice the traditions and to sense the local spirit. After all, travelling is all about getting to know new places and people and finding the relaxation you’ve long waiting for. And what better alternative than a fun-filled holiday brightened by dances and songs performed alongside the friendly locals?

    When it comes to festivals, regardless of the type, no other continent can compete with Europe since it houses hundreds of different colorful such events, holidays and celebrations all year round. Therefore, let us countdown the most important festivals to be celebrated in Europe during this summer and which usually magnet tons of tourists coming from all the corners of the world…Just in case you intend to join the party-lovers.

    Festa Della Madonna Bruna

    Firstly, for those of you guys flying in the south of Italy at the beginning of July, there’s an impressive fireworks festival held in the city of Matera and honoring Maria Santissima della Bruna. It’s the perfect occasion for the fun-loving people to eat a fresh ice-cream in a gelato shop, to wander admiring the adorned streets and to listen to traditional Italian music. Moreover, you can join the locals all dressed up and carrying from one piazza to another a papier machè-float featuring a religious theme.

    Festival d’Avignon

    Secondly, if you’re an art endeavourer you cannot miss out the theatre festival that takes place each year in Avignon between the 7th and the 29th July. This event was first organized by Jean Vilar in 1947 and ever since it has gained a reputation worldwide. Each year many famous actors go on stage and play either dramatic roles that make the audience burst into tears or on the contrary comic characters for the public to have a good laugh.

    Ghent Festival

    Furthermore, the Ghent Festival is considered to be the biggest open air cultural manifestation in Europe. Therefore, mark the period between the 18th and the 27th of July on your calendar and provided you travel in Belgium at the time, stop for a frolic festival that features light-hearted dramas, pop music, folkrock, rock ‘n’ roll, hip-hop, jazz, R’n’B, art exhibitions on the streets leading to the city center as well as mini cruises on the Lys river that spans over the city. And let’s not forget the incendiary, jolly atmosphere is fueled by huge pins of beer and mouth-watering food and chocolate.

    National Eisteddfod of Wales

    Wales boasts with the largest summer travelling folk festival in Europe, the National Eisteddfod festival which has a long tradition since it was first held in 1176. This year it will start on the first day of July and provided you are seeking for a unique manner to discover the stunning Welsh landscapes and culture, you should buy a ticket and experience an adventure filled with joy and amusement. The hotspot of the festival is the Pavilion or the place where the concerts, the ceremonies and the competitions are held. This special event is also the best opportunity for the talented artists to rise to fame. In a nutshell, as a spectator you will have the possibility to delight your taste buds with traditional specialties and in the same time gaze at the varied artworks.

    Puck Fair Ireland

    The Puck Fair organized in Ireland every year on the 10th, 11th and 12th of August, with no exception is the living proof that a real, tumultuous celebration lasts three days in a row like in a fairy-tale. This street festival is set up in the center of Kerry and gained the tourists’ hearts due to its particularity. Moreover, it is believed to be Ireland’s oldest entertainment festival featuring horse and goat fairs, the pompous coronation of King Puck, competitions and concerts.

    All in all, festivals give the tourists the privileged opportunity to witness a different culture, to eat tasty food and to simply have a high time. And there’s also this feeling that you carry on a tradition, that you have fun like in the old times of kings and queens when people went out on the streets of the kingdom.


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    joe TgAvatar
    joe wrote on December 24, 2010:

    Check out the “Sziget” (Iland) in Budapest too. Good music and very nice atmosphere there.

    Fermina wrote on July 14, 2012:

    Too bad I’m kinda busy on this summer. These festivals seem to be very fun and interesting! Will definitely plan for a Europe trip on next year’s summer.

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