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  • Top 5 European Spring travel destinations

    The arrival of Spring is not big deal for those lucky enough to live in places where rains, snow and cold weather are exceptional events, but for people living in temperate areas, it’s a genuine celebration. In Europe, for example, everything seems more beautiful and more full of life than in the past few months.

    So if you’ve been waiting until now to visit parts of Europe, you’ve done very well to be patient. You probably won’t escape the occasional rain, but Spring in Europe can be one of the most pleasant times of the year. So here are the top 5 European Spring travel destinations you might like to visit.

    London, UK

    London has a bit of a reputation as having the most unpleasant weather out of all European capitals, but even if that might be true in Autumn and Winter, Spring is a welcome respite from all that rain, fog and sludge.

    Spring is when the magnolia trees around the city are in full bloom, and you have to be a real cynic not to appreciate the contrast between the gray buildings and the delicate pink flowers. Besides, all the pubs are reopening their terraces in Spring, and what can be better than a glass of beer in the sunlight?


    Do you know that Holland is famous for, in addition to Amsterdam and windmills? Tulips! Holland is the paradise of tulips, and in Spring it feels like the flowers are planning a hostile takeover of the whole country. Those postcards of tulip fields in Holland that you’ve probably seen a hundred times before are actually showing the truth.

    The Dutch tulip fields are really a sight for sore eyes, and the Keukenhoff gardens in Amsterdam even more so. Don’t forget to buy some tulip bulbs for next year too.

    Côte d’Azur

    Since Côte d’Azur is a beach destination, it would make more sense to visit it in the summer, right? Well, not unless you are hunting celebrities, or are a celebrity yourself. The beaches, hotels and restaurants of the Côte d’Azur are filled with so many people that you hardly have the space to breathe. So head to the coast in Spring, enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, the lack of crowds and mingle with the locals.


    If you are going to Greece less for the beaches (which are excellent, by the way) and more for the landscapes and the cultural and historical attractions, go in Spring instead of Summer. You won’t suffer because of the excessive heat, and you can take advantage of the mild temperatures to visit ruins or roam through the olive groves filled with wild flowers.


    Paris doesn't have to be expensiveIn Summer, Parisians are getting away from the capital, but the hordes of eager tourists flood the city. But Paris is simply breath-taking in Spring, especially its many parks, and besides, the queues at the museums will be much shorter. And you can lounge on a sidewalk cafe, breathing in the smells of Spring, sipping a cafe au lait and muching on a pastry.

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