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  • Top 5 busiest airports in the world

    Love them or hate them, there’s no way a serious traveler can escape airports. While a few centuries ago it was perfectly acceptable to travel from one continent to another by boat, coach, horseback, train (or a combination thereof), it took a lot of time to get to your destination. Now, thanks to modern technology, travel is made available for a lot of people, and you don’t have to spend a third of your life on the road.

    So, planes are good. Airports, on the other hand, can be pure hell. But if you are stuck in a crowded airport for a few hours, you might as well make the best of it. So here’s our list of the most crowded airports in the world, and what little they have to offer to the bored traveler.

    Hartstfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

    Whether you’re going on holiday somewhere, or returning home, Hartsfield-Jackson is probably going to be just as crowded regardless of when you happen to pass through it. It is not only the world’s busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic, but also in terms of the number of flights. There are countless shops at the airport, and even a few good places to eat.

    Beijing Capital International Airport

    This airport has been named the world’s best airport in 2009, so it is not as bad as you might think. Sure, the sheer number of people coming and going is mind-boggling, but when it comes to cleanliness, quality of services, transport and retail/dining options, it’s a very good place indeed.

    However, it is huge, so expect some long walks. If you’re lucky enough to fly before 5PM, you’ll be fine, but afterward, all hells are unleashed in the form of waves and waves of scuttling people.

    O’Hare International Airport, Chicago

    For ten years now, O’Hare Airport get the ‘best airport in America’ title every year. However, one travel magazine says that this airport is pretty bad when it comes to delays.

    But if your flight’s delayed, at least you won’t get too bored: go and look at the airport’s own complete dinosaur skeleton. In addition to that, though, there’s not much in the way of amenities. There’s also an interfaith church where you can pray for your flight to arrive on time.

    London Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow is super safe (or at least that’s what they say), but it has infamously long and slow-moving queues. It is huge, and thankfully the internal transport system is quite well developed. What to do when you’re stuck there? Eat. There is a surprising number of dining options at this airport. Take your pick of overpriced fast-food joints or fancy restaurants and fill your belly before or after a flight.

    Narita International Airport, Tokyo

    Narita is Japan’s largest international airport, and like all things Japanese, it is very modern and efficient, except that the crowds can sometimes get too much to handles even for this paradigm of efficiency.

    Before the check-in area, there are some good shops and restaurants, but after that you can only find expensive duty-frees. The dayrooms are showers are really nice, and very useful if you’re on a connecting flight.

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