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  • Top 5 birdwatching destinations in the world

    Birdwatching is not the most active passtime, but certainly one of the most interesting. And in order to pursue their interest, amateur birwatchers have to arm themselves not only with large amounts of information about bird species, how they can be identified and where are their habitats, but also with the stamina of a born traveler.

    Birdwatchers looking for some elusive species or another will have to travel quite a bit, but given the large number of excellent birdwatching destinations on the planet, the it is worth every bit of effort. So if you want some tips on where to go, here are the top 5 birdwatching destinations in the world.

    Masirah Island, Oman

    The island of Masirah is home to no less then 328 bird species (more than anywhere else in the sultanate), some of which should be very uncommon in the area. Some of the species live on the island year round, but many of them are migrant or vagrant species. You will be able to observe shorebirds, wintering birds, and the most famous resident of the island, the crab plover.

    Kidder County, North Dakota

    If you happen to travel to North Dakota, you can check out Kidder Country for some interesting species of birds. Although this place is the least known of the major birding locations in the US, there is a huge wealth of species in the area. Look for burrowing owls, lesser scaup, swainson’s hawks and many other species.

    Danube Delta, Romania/Ukraine

    The Danube Delta is one of the richest ecosystems in Europe, a true paradise for birdwatchers. This delta shared between Romania and Ukraine is the second largest on the continent, and home to 274 bird species.

    The delta has a scattering of scenic villages where you can find accommodation, and then head out on a number of bird and wildlife watching trails.

    Canary Islands, Spain

    As the name of the islands suggests, one of the residents of interests to birdwatchers is the colorful canary. In addition to being a lovely vacation spot, birding buffs will find lots of itineraries that will allow them to spy on various bird species. Look for parakeets, lestrel or turnstones on the shors, and great grey shrike and Sardinian warblers in the hilly regions.

    Pantanal, Brazil

    Pantanal is the largest wetland area in the world, so a paradise for wetland bird species and therefore curious birdwatchers too. You can encounter over 600 bird species in Pantanal (compared to around 500 in the entire Europe!).

    You can sign up for a bird watching tour, but you can also venture out on your own.

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