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    Even if you managed to backpack your way through 2011, there are surely lots of places left for 2012. The impending apocalypse still leaves us some time to travel yet, so better take advantage of it! In any case, it looks like 2012 will be a great year for backpacking according to several travel magazines, so if you are yearning to see the world on the cheap you will have lots of chances to do so.

    Don’t put off deciding on some destinations if you want enough time to seek out all the best travel deals – and if you don’t have have anything in mind yet, here are some suggestions: top 5 backpacking destinations for 2012.

    Chiapas, Mexico

    Mexico has long been a popular destination for students looking for some Spring Break fun in the sun, but if you are not planning on holing up in some luxury resort, Mexico can be really easy on the wallet. Chiapas is the heart and soul of Mexico, the part that tends to miss from beach resorts and luxury hotels – it’s one of the last remnants of the proud Maya civilization, the very one whose calendar runs out in 2012. Palenque, Tonina, Bonampak and Yaxchilán are the best place for ruin exploration.

    Bucharest, Romania

    Bucharest, photo by cod_gabriel on Flickr

    As one of the fastest growing cities in Eastern Europe, Bucharest has quite a few attractions up its sleeve, some more surprising than the others. The somber grey Communist buildings hide a few great historical cobbled streets, and the among the clubs blaring with Euro-pop there’s the occasional hipster hideout or boho cafe.

    Bucharest also has some very interesting cultural and historical attractions, and the best things about it is that it will cost you only the fraction of the money that a vacation in Western Europe would need.

    Ushuaia, Argentina

    The southernmost and possibly most isolated city in the world has become quite the tourist magnet in recent years, as there is no shortage of adventurous travelers who either want to visit the desolate and beautiful Tierra del Fuego, or the icy wastelands of Antarctica. But despite the omnipresent crowds, Ushuaia has more than enough hostel and budget eats to allow backpacking.

    Big Corn Island, Nicaragua

    Big Corn Island, photo by dane brian on Flickr

    It can be difficult to get the most out of a destination for only a few bucks if you don’t speak the language, so if you’re not confident enough in your Spanish to rough it in Central or South America, Nicaragua’s Big Island is the solution for you.

    The Big Corn Island is a former British colony so English is spoken by all, and the huts on the beach are a bargain. Visit during lobster season and you can get luxury seafood plates for less than $10.

    Dakar, Senegal

    Dakar is one of the largest hubs of western Africa, so getting there (even with a travel deal) is not that difficult, and besides, who can resist the Senegalese tradition of hospitality to strangers? Dakar is one of the most bustling and colorful cities in Africa, with quite a few attractions, and an incredible music scene.


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