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  • Top 5 adventure travel destinations in Europe


    Traveling is not only a means of seeing new places and discovering different cultures,  but also a surefire method of getting your adrenaline shots. You don’t even have to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy adventure travel. It is enough to want a little twist to your holidays, to make them more memorable.

    Adventuring is all about testing your limits and of letting your imagination run wild. The Old Continent is a very good place to start if you are looking for a bit of adventuring, because each country can offer you a different kind of landscape, and there’s enough variety to please even the most boredom-prone traveler. So here are our suggestions for the top 5 travel destinations in Europe.

    1. Cycling in Provence

    Provence has great climate and landscapes that look like something out of an impressionist painting. It is the perfect place to start your career as an adventure traveler, because it allows you to take things easily. Cycling in Provence is an adventure in itself, because the rolling hills can provide excitement, and the picturesque villages are perfect for a breather on the way. If you want crank up the adrenaline level, you can choose between activities such as rock-climbing or sky-diving.

    2. Rafting in Croatia

    When it comes to water-related extreme sports, there’s no better place than Croatia. It is fairly cheap and it has great mountains and wild rivers where even the most experienced rafter will have their work cut out for them. You can kayak or raft on rivers crossing lush forests, or you can paddle a bit on the Adriatic coast. If you want to have some fun below the surface, dive and visit the graveyard of sunken vessels off the island of Vis.

    3. Skiing in Northern Norway

    Skiing in the Alps doesn’t sound all that adventurous, but these are no regular Alps, but the Lyngen Alps, more than 200 miles above the Arctic circle. Midnight sun, Northern Lights, exhilarating slopes and an almost perpetual winter wonderland awaits you in Northern Norway.

    When the snow is thick you can do some off-piste skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding and even reindeer trekking, and in the short summer months you can try hiking and kayaking.

    4. Hiking in the Scottish Highlands, UK

    This rugged portion of Scotland is ripe for adventure of any kind. In this  wild place, simply walking along the cliffs and craggy hills can be an adventure. You can bike past haunting (or haunted) castles, take the Great Glen Cycle Route, walk the windswept heather hills, climb the Torridon mountains and admire the breath-taking beauty of the untamed Cairngorms National Park.

    5. Diving in Greece

    Greece has adventure in its blood, considering all its legends about gods and heroes. And contrary to expectations, not all of Greece’s sights are above the water. Diving is permitted virtually in every inch of sea belonging to Greece, so there are lots of diving destinations to choose from, whether you can something uncomplicated or downright dangerous. Pick an island, and explore the depths of its waters.

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    Allison wrote on January 3, 2011:

    What about Spain? I am traveling there in the spring and would love to find a great adventure trip to take while there!

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