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  • The most exotic travel destinations for this summer

    Daintree Rainforest

    Summer is not summer if you don’t travel to at least one exotic destination. Of course, everyone’s definition of exotic varies, but the point is to go somewhere you’ve never been before, and pick a place that is as different as possible from your home.

    But then again, there are a few places in the world that are so special that you can hardly compare them to anything else. If you are a native to these places, then you’re really lucky, and if you’re not, then all you have to do is plan a nice summer getaway to one of the most exotic travel destinations for this summer.

    Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, Australia

    If you watched any nature documentaries when you were a kid, you’ll find that Daintree rainforest is strikingly similar to those mysterious, exciting and colorful jungles that you used to see on TV. Daintree is a prime example of rainforest and all the adventures it entails.

    If you prefer some luxury to long hours of trek and sleeping in a cave, there are some eco-friendly lodges where you can stay, and still enjoy the little wonders of the forest, like Daintree Eco Lodge.


    salar de uyuni

    Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

    Bolivia is so naturally beautiful, so ethnically and culturally diverse and so rich in history that it very ironic that it should also be one of the most ‘remote’ countries in Latin America, because of poor accessibility, it also has the advantage to offer some unique attractions to visitors.

    If exploring is your thing, then you should take a trip to the Bolivian countryside and discover its attractions.

    Fjords in Norway

    Exotic does not have to mean ‘tropical’ or ‘hot’, and indeed, Norway is none of these things. To cool off this summer, head to the amazing Fjords of Norway and bask in the icy beauty of Norway’s coastline. There are lots of fishing villages and small towns where you can do lots of activities like visit the rugged terrain around the coast, bike, fish, take boat trips and see the Northern Lights.


    The small republic of Lebanon has seen some rough times, politically and economically, but nothing can diminish the immense historical and cultural heritage of the country.

    Anywhere you are in Lebanon, you’re practically a stone’s throw away from either Roman ruins, wildlife preserves, beaches, grottos and picturesque villages (take the Mountain Trail if you want to see the countryside, it connects no less than 75 villages).

    Kamchatka, Russia

    The Russian Far East has some incredible treasures, if natural beauty is what you are looking for in a destination. The absolutely stunning Kronotsky Nature Reserve has some perfectly conical volcanoes and countless geysers (it actually has the second largest geyser field in the world), while Nalychevo National Park and Blue Lakes Natural Park are both beautiful and excellent for skiing.

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