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  • The most amazing botanical gardens in the world

    Botanical gardens might have started out as smallish medicinal plant gardens in the Middle Ages, but they gradually developed into gardens run by universities or scientific institutions in order to study plants and display some of the most interesting specimens to the public.

    Sure, seeing a huge cactus in a greenhouse is not the same as seeing one in its natural habitat, but if you are not able or don’t have the time to travel, the botanical garden is a great place to see a bit of nature. And besides, many botanical gardens are great tourist attractions in their own right, not only because they exhibit some wickedly interesting plants, but also because they do it in a novel way. So here are some of the most amazing botanical gardens in the world.

    Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Thailand

    photo by Mika Stetsovski

    Nong Nooch garden is the strongest proof that landscaping plays a hugely important part in making a garden truly unique. This botanical garden features some of the most striking and original landscapes ever seen in a botanical garden.

    Many of the plants that grow here are tropical, but there are many flowers and plants from temperate areas too. The garden is pretty touristy, with facilities like restaurants, a little zoo and even a hotel.

    Curitiba Botanical Gardens, Brazil

    The Jardim Bot├ónico de Curitiba, in the city of Curitiba, is not the wildest, most ‘authentic looking’ botanical garden you’ll ever see, but it is certainly one of the most manicured ones. The garden is in French style, with fountains, waterfalls and lakes and has a beautiful art nouveau greenhouse.

    Nanjing Botanical Garden Memorial Sun Yat-Sen, China

    photo by taylorandayumi

    As the first botanical garden in China, Nanjing Garden has set a precedent of excellence among other gardens in the country. The location of the garden, with the looming shape of the Purple Mountain in the back and Qian Lake in the front, makes it even better (the luxuriant vegetation, hills and small lakes help too).

    Royal Botanic Gardens, London, UK

    The Kew Gardens, as they are also called, is well known as an excellent botanical garden and research institution. The garden has some striking glasshouses and various other attractions, like a pagoda, a Japanese garden, and even a gigantic compost heap that can be viewed from a platform.

    Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town, South Africa

    Kirstenbosch garden is one of the most dramatically situated gardens in the world, on nestled at the foot of the impressive Tabletop Mountain. The diverse indigenous flora of South Africa is the main focus of this garden, and there are entire sections dedicated to plants like the protea or restio.

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