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  • The best urban destinations in the Balkans

    Dubrovnik seen from above

    Dubrovnik seen from above

    The Balkans are not exactly the premier travel destination in Europe, and that’s really not much of a surprise considering the unstable political situation in the recent past, as well as unsavory rumors that have kept kept potential visitors at bay.

    However, the Balkans are quickly developing into a great travel destination that has a fresh and unexplored feel, yet it is loaded with culture, traditions and a rich history.

    The currently most popular travel destinations in the Balkans are capitalizing on the stunning natural wonders and a diverse culture, cuisine and friendly people in order to attract visitors, and they manage to do  it successfully. Here are some of the best urban destinations in the Balkans, for those interested in visiting this astounding corner of Europe.

    Prilep, Macedonia

    Prilep, photo by Geoff Wong

    Prilep is a truly striking destination, not only because the city itself is a strange and delightful mix of tradition and modernity, but because of its location beneath a bare hill with rocks scattered all over it.

    The ruins of a medieval fortress are overlooking the city, which looks like a quilt patchwork from above. The city is full of interesting attractions, like the Old Bazaar, the Clock Tower, lots of churches and old monasteries.

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Dubrovnik is a genuine jewel of Croatia, and one of the most picturesque seaside resorts in the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik is an ancient city that carefully preserves its medieval beauty, and its stunning architecture and attention to quaint details is not marred by the numerous five star hotels in the city. In addition to beautiful urban landscapes, Dubrovnik has tons of cultural attractions and amazing beaches.

    Brasov, Romania

    Although Romania is not geographically  located on the Balkan Peninsula, culturally and historically it is considered to be part of the Balkans. The heavily forested mountains of Romania are at their best around Brasov, a historic Transylvanian city that can boast of amazing city life and striking scenery. In addition to the attractions in the city proper Brasov is surrounded by all sorts of sights and resorts worth visiting.

    Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

    The charming university city of Veliko Tarnovo in northern Bulgaria used to be the capital of medieval Bulgaria, and today it is the country’s cultural capital. Veliko Tarnovo has dozens of interesting museums and historical sites, and due to its large student population, it also has a very lively nightlife.

    Prizren, Kosovo

    photo by Destination Europe

    Prizren used to the medieval capital of Serbia, but if you take a good look around the city, you will notice that much of the architecture has Turkish influences.

    Prizren is the city of mosques and monasteries, many of them dating back to the 14th century, and although some of them have been damaged in the past decade due to political troubles, they are still beautiful and a reminder of the past. The city is incredibly scenic, but its beauty goes way beyond the surface and you can’t help but falling in love with it.

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