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  • The best remote island getaways in the world


    When on a holiday, most people expect to be able to let go of their daily life for a while, which is why beach destinations are so popular with those not living on the coast. But now that beach resorts are more popular than ever, you’ll have a hard time finding a destination where you can really enjoy some peace and quiet, and where you won’t be bothered by the sounds of traffic.

    However, there are some beach destinations left in the world where you’ll feel like you’re thousands of miles away from real life, and where you can bask in the beauty of nature. Here are the best remote island getaways in the world.


    Everyone has heard of Galapagos, but still, that doesn’t meant that the island is overrun by tourists. In fact, there is a limited number of tourists allowed on each of the islands, and there are specific visitor sites that you can have access to. While you won’t be able to explore the island to your heart’s content, those few places that you can see are as close to paradise as you can get.

    South Georgia Islands

    If you want to take the ‘remote’ part literally, this is as remote as you can get on the planet. The South Georgia Islands, which are overseas British territories, are a group of inhospitable islands in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, with no native population and very few inhabitants.

    However, the islands are a stop for several cruise tours, and even if the trip to South Georgia is long and tiring, you’ll get to see some amazing wildlife (like a king penguin colony) and scenery.

    Cook Islands

    The Cook Islands are a group of 15 Polynesian islands, at the heart of the Pacific Ocean, so remote that there is absolutely no land between them and Antarctica. The climate and atmosphere of the island is similar to Hawaii, if you could go back in time to 50 years ago. Some of the bluest lagoons in the world can be found on the Cook Islands.

    Lizard Island, Australia

    Lizard Island is located in the northern parts of the Great Barrier Reef, and what’s interesting about this island is that it caters either to rich people, or budget travelers. You can either stay at a luxury resort, or at a campground on the opposite side of the island. This is a paradise for divers, as well as for those who want to hike in the footsteps of James Cook.

    Tristan da Cuhna

    Another British overseas territory, Tristan da Cuhna has the dubious honor of being the most remote inhabited island in the world. The island has a grand total of less than 300 inhabitants – understandable seeing as it is quite the inhospitable land. Still, Tristan da Cuhna is gorgeous, and you can have some unforgettable hikes and walks on the island.

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