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  • The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Manaus

    Arena Amazonia

    Arena Amazonia ©

    Manaus is an amazing Brazilian city right in the heart of Amazonia, so its location is at the same time its main attraction – a metropolis in the middle of the rain forest. Apart from being a beautiful urban-jungle (pun intended) destination, the city will also be on of the 12 hosts of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

    The city of 2 million people lies right at the confluence of the rivers Negro and Solimoes (the local name of the upper stretches of the Amazon River) and is surrounded by tropical rainforest, so World Championship or no World Championship, it is quite a wonderful place to visit.

    Arena Amazonia

    The freshly renovated Arena Amazonia – formerly called as Estadio Vivaldao – can host over 42 thousand spectators. What is most interesting about the stadium is that it was designed in the spirit of sustainable urban development.

    Arena Amazonia

    Arena Amazonia ©

    Arena Amazonia can collect rainwater that is used to water the pitch or in toilets and it also generates solar energy from the abundant sunshine that reaches it. These and several other solutions make this building truly extraordinary and a great example for future development in Brazil and worldwide.

    Matches played in Manaus

    Manaus did not get a very special importance for the time of the World Cup. There will be 4 knockout matches played in the city’s arena, but no other – more important – games. But still, apart from the natural attractions of the city, a knockout between England and Portugal for instance would definitely worth traveling to Manaus, would you not agree?

    Knockout matches in manaus
    Date Time Team 1 Team 2
    July 14 18:00 England flag England Italy flag Italy
    July 18 18:00 Cameroon flag Cameroon  Croatia flag Croatia 
    July 22  18:00  USA flag USA  Portugal flag Portugal 
    July 25  16:00  Honduras flag Honduras  Switzerland flag Switzerland 

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    How to travel to Manaus from the US

    The easiest way to get to the middle of Amazonia is by airfare. Eduardo Gomes International Airport (IATA code: MAO) is serving the city of Manaus with its two terminals – not very large, but was recently renovated for the World Championship and is rather comfortable.

    American Airlines has got direct flights here from Miami, FL and flights with 1 stop from Seattle. TAM Airlines also flies here from Los Angeles, but travelers have to endure 2 stops each way.

    The airport also receives flights from all the major airports in Brazil, so if you want to combine watching FIFA World Cup matches in Brazil with discovering the country, it is way easier to fly to Manaus from within the country.

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