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  • South African Adventure III: Lifestyle

    Today I will try to tell you a little more about the South African lifestyle, in which, as you might have already guessed, football (soccer) plays an important part. Despite the fact that the South African national football team was banned for many, many years for entering any major competition, the spirit of football continued to grown stronger and stronger, to the point where football is the most popular sport in the country.

    Several hours spend in a South African sports bar will be enough to make you familiar with ‘banfa banfa’ (nickname of the national soccer team), the ‘kaiser chiefs'; (no, not the rock band, but an African first league football team), or ‘amaglug glug’ (national juniors soccer team).

    But there is live outside football, also, and it there is one nation that know to make the best of every day, those are definitely the South Africans. So here we present you the some aspects of the African culture that you just can’t miss:

    The Wine Route

    Due to its pleasant climate, the region of Southwest Africa has made South Africa become one of the biggest wind producers in the world. It is estimated that Route 62, in Western Cape, is the longest wine route in the whole world. Following South Africa’s wine routes is not only a good occasion to taste some delicious wines, but also admire some unique landscapes.

    Swim with the Sharks

    No matter from what perspective you consider Africa’s nature, it is just incredibly rich. On the country’s splendid beaches and in its territorial waters one can discover the most amazing sea creatures, form the fierce sharks to the mysterious whales. Not far form Cape Town, you’ll find a whole colony of penguins that doesn’t mind sharing the same beach with you. If you are looking for more extreme sensations, then let yourself locked in an iron cage and dive among hungry sharks.

    Go to a Party

    It’s enough to attend one African party in order to understand that you actually never partied before. Whether you go for a club or at someone’s  home, make sure you are well prepared for a whole night of crazy dancing. You can always join the 5000 people dancing at the Dockside (Cape Town) the biggest club in the country, or decide to take some national dancing lessons and learn how to obey the drum rhythm.

    Go Live in a Tree

    With its millions of square miles of wilderness and protected areas, South Africa represents every outdoor lover’s dream. And to show you just how far one can go in terms of living in the middle of nature, just let us mention that in South Africa you can choose to spend your night up in a tree house overlooking the jungle. As you will notice when visiting the country’s main interest areas, ecotourism makes nature watching an even more amazing experience.

    All You Can Eat

    South African cuisine represents an interesting blend between indigenous African cuisine and the colonial one, represented by European, Indian and Malaysian cuisines. If you want the get the real savor of South African food, then I suggest attending some of the numerous food festivals that take place throughout the year: Madame Zingara’s Christmas in July (Cape Town), Knysna Oyster Festival or Hantam Vleisfees in Calvinia.

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