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  • New Year’s Eve best street parties

    No matter what’s their religion, location or what calendar they follow, people all across the Globe are always expecting the New Year’s Eve party with excitement. Celebrating the forthcoming year on the streets is has become a common tradition in the modern world. Although many people take the safe choice and stay home with their families or friends, there are some adventurous spirits, who are always searching for a new challenge. For those of you willing to celebrate the New Year among a million other strangers, here are some suggestions:

    New York

    People have been gathering around New York’s Time Square since 1904, when a number of 200,000 people watched the fireworks lit the Manhattan sky on the night of December 31st. Since then, the party has grown bigger and fancier, to the point where over 1 billion world citizens attend it in front of their TV sets. The main event of the evening is the descending of the Times Square Ball – there is an entire history behind this ball, which is always incorporating the latest technologies, trends and ideas.


    Due to its time zone, Sydney is among the first cities to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. The party starts early in the day, with aerial shows; continues with an early fireworks show for kids, a harbor light parade and culminates with a glorious midnight fireworks demonstration. For those wondering what’s behind this astonishing pyrotechnic achievement, I can only say it takes more than a year to prepare it…


    Scotland’s historic capital might not be able to accommodate millions of people, but it has one of the oldest New Year celebrations in the world. The Scots are celebrating the New Year in their own way, with torch parades and good quality music. There has always been something about magic about the atmosphere of Edinburgh (read Harry Potter if you don’t believe me), and the recent addition of a laser show to the Hogmanay Street Party inventory made things even more interesting.


    On the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the city council has decided to break all records. There are numerous reason for attending this party: it’s the biggest (1.2 miles of stages, food stands and open air bars), it’s located in the heart of Europe, numerous international artists and musician have announced their presence and, most of all, it’s free of charge.

    South Africa

    At a first glance, South Africa might seem as a weird location to spend your New Year’s Eve. But think about it: the World Cup preparations have made the streets much safer; it’s much warmer than in the Northern hemisphere; and last, but not least, who knows to party better than South Africans? People in South Africa don’t make such a fuss about organizing parties, so nothing spectacular has been announced by Johannesburg municipality on the 31st. Improvisation might be the secret behind African parties, as they always come out to be perfect.  In the first day of 2010, colorful costumes fill the streets with crazy African rhythms and tons of energy as part of Cape Town Minstrel Carnival.

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