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  • Five great roadtrips through the US

    UtahAlthough we now live in an age where you can get from one corner of the country to another in a matter of hours, the old traditions of roadtrips hasn’t been completely extinguished yet. No cheap plane trips can replace the freedom and sense of adventure you get when hitting the road in an old car, with only a few CDs, sandwiches and friends as company.

    The best thing about roadtrips is that you can change your route at any moment, and you haveĀ  no time constraints. And if you stick to a few useful tricks, you can spend a few weeks on the road with ridiculously low budget. So here’s a list of interesting roadtrips that will take care of your wanderlust.

    Route 66

    route 66This is the most classic and all-American route you can find. Following route 66 is like taking taking a crash course in all things America. Open roads, wacky, weird, historic and beautiful places, all in one roadtrip. You can start from Chicago and go all the way to the end of the route to Los Angeles, or you can simply hop on the road wherever it is most convenient for you.

    There are tons of attractions in every state you cross, and many of them are free. For example, you can stop at the Bug Ranch in Conway, Texas (no insects here, only cars that you can spray-paint), the meteor crater near Flagstaf, Arizona, or the world’s largest rocking chair in Fanning, Missouri.

    New York City to Florida

    east coastThe East Coast might seem like a long string of crowded cities, but this 2000 mils stretch has more to offer than beach resorts than skyscrapers. The abandoned stretches of beach with the occasional lonely lighthouse is a nice backdrop for a roadtrip, and lets not forget the scenic little cities dotting the way.

    And if you are in the mood for some livelier fun, you can always stop in Ocean City, Savannah or Daytona Beach.

    Canadian Rockies to Rio Grande

    If you are in for some amazing landscapes without much interference from the civilized world, highway 93 will take you to the most rugged and wild parts of America. This route is the land of contrasts, because after the Glacier National Park, the Flathead Indian Reservation and the banks of Salmon River, you cross into the land of plains and deserts in Nevada, and than the lushness of Sonoma Desert.

    Oregon to Massachussets

    prairieFrom the wild west to the neon jungle of the East Coast, the Oregon Trail will take you through 3,200 miles of natural wonders. The route through Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming is a lonely one, and it almost feels like it hasn’t changed a bit since the last colonists passed through.

    You’ll also have the chance to visit some of America’s most emblematic sights, like Mt. Rushmore, Carnhenge, Yosemite, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone and the Great Plains, until the soft sands of Cape Cod.

    Seattle to Acadia National Park

    montanaIf you want to see the best of the US’s far north, this is the best way to do it. Route US-2, nicknamed the Great Northern, will take you through the volcanic Cascade Range, the parched expanse of the Columbia Plateau, the green forests of West Montana and the Great North Woods of Minnesota, until the windswept coast of Maine. There’s not much in the way of urban areas on this route, but the natural beauty of the places is fully satisfying on its own.

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